Local gathering

Im wondering if anyone would be interested in something a little more f2f and regular than posting here or on email lists. With my second child on the way I'm becoming more and more interested in being part of a wider community and online stuff just doesn't cut it.

Traffic on this board seems a bit slow so anyone who is interested, please feel to write me at fir_a_bhata@yahoo.com
NicEoghainn, macewen, tartan and leather

What's everybody doing this summer?

So, anyone planning on attending any Irish festivals, Highland games, Ren faires or Pagan gatherings this summer? What's the Celtic scene like in Chicagoland these days?

Announce any events you're attending on this board and find other CRs to connect with. I don't have plans to be in the Midwest this summer, myself, but I know there are others in IL who are looking to connect with people. So speak up and help each other out, OK?
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Ren. Faire

It's been quite a while since the last post, so I thought I would pipe up and say hello. My family is attending the faire this weekend, mostly to go to Thistle Croft to see other methods of spinning. Is anyone else going to be attending this season? We're local- about a ten minute drive so we'll be out there most weekends, toddler in tow.
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(no subject)

Has anyone been to the Cotswold Renaissance Faire in Lake Geneva?
We're going to venture out on Sunday and are hoping it's worth the 45 minute drive.
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Celctic Fest

De/ithe dhibh,

It looks like I will definately be at Celtic Fest tomorrow (Saturday the 17th). I'll be on a 10:40ish train and should be at the fair around noon. So, if anyone wants to meet up feel free to <A href="mailto:thoth@hotmail.com>e-mail me</A> and we can either set something up or trade cell phone numbers or whatever. sla/n -jeffrey
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meeting up

Hi there,

So it looks like we will definately be at Ren Faire this coming Saturday; we should be there for opening. I'm open to suggestions for meeting up.

Also, are any of us still planning on going to the Chicago Celtic Fest next month (around the 18th I believe)?
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Lughnasadh Blessings

That which we have nurtured
is coming to fruition
time to begin the harvest
time to reap our rewards

May our lives be as that seed
nurtured with our love
our hearts and spirits growing
the Mother reaping Her rewards.

In Her loving service --

Just checking in

Is everyone still ok and no one's melted into a puddle of goo? I just thought I'd check since there hasn't been much, ok, no activity over here for a little while.

Ren. Faire has begun. Argh. We lost five people over the weekend due to the heat. They'll be fine and back up this weekend. Geez, it's not THAT hot yet. Wait until this weekend. They'll be dropping like flies. I say this not with glee, but experience. There have been days when I was one of the brave, insane few still standing.

On the Celtic note....I've been enjoying the Tain (Kinsella) and tying up my tongue on all those wonderful Irish names. I'm glad I took a semester of Gaelic some years ago.

Don't melt!
Fionnuala Mc
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